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Gasoline Light Truck

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Gasoline Light truck

T-KING Gasoline Light Truck Series (engine model 480-4100) has single, double and king gasoline and diesel models and satisfactory prices. All truck models are new. Our gasoline-powered light trucks can be converted into double fuel trucks (CNG) or even van-type trucks at the customers' discretion.

As one of the earliest manufacturers of gasoline-powered light trucks in China, T-KING was established in 1956. By relying on our 50 years of production and R & D experience, we can produce the best gasoline-powered light trucks. We have always been promoting the quality and services of our light trucks. With little noise and a high power, our durable and environmentally-friendly gasoline-powered light trucks are reputed as "king of light trucks".

Characteristics of T-KING Light Truck (Gasoline Engine)

1. Safety: active/passive safety design, positioning three-dimensional braking system, and other security configuration upgrading.

2. Comfort: Optimized man-machine arrangement; easy and pleasant driving/riding; convenient and flexible operation system.

3. Fashion: Modern appearance molding; LED driving lamp; luxury upholstery.

Welcome to contact our specialized manufacturer of gasoline-powered light trucks. We promise you the most favorable prices, the most excellent services and the speediest delivery. For more information about our gasoline-powered light trucks and other models, please click the webpage of detailed products or call or email us.

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