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3 Ton Mini Dump Truck--ZB3046JDC

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3 Ton Mini Dump Truck
3 Ton Mini Dump Truck--ZB3046JDC

The following is the detailed information about our dump trucks - mini dump trucks - 3 ton mini dump trucks - T-KING Mini Dump Truck ZB3046JDC:

Customers can choose to install front combination lamps, radiator grilles and front bumpers in the cabin together with the chassis. Customers can also choose to install a reinforcing rib cargo body or a five-door cargo body. Our Mini Dump Truck ZB3046JDC chooses the chassis with a 3360mm wheel base, and the self-discharging way is rear-unloading.

For any question about our 3 ton mini dump truck, please contact us to obtain the latest information about our dump truck-mini dump truck ZB3046JDC. We promise you the most satisfactory prices and services.

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3 Ton Mini Dump Truck

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