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5 Ton Mini Dump Truck--ZB3047JDD

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5 Ton Mini Dump Truck
5 Ton Mini Dump Truck--ZB3047JDD

The cargo body of our 5-ton T-KING ZB3047JDD dump truck has three thick steel boards on its sides and four boards on its bottom. The cargo body has been reinforced. The dump truck has a double-top hydraulic operation system with a support, which drives the oil pump with a power take-off, thus enabling the working of the oil cylinder and producing power. The oil cylinder has a size of 110#, with a very long operation distance, thus making it convenient to load/unload goods. Our 5-ton mini dump truck is the best choice for mini project sites and household users.

The mini dump truck produced by our company adopts a chassis of famous brand, so it has a stable performance and it is comfortable to use.

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5 Ton Mini Dump Truck

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