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Mini Dump Truck

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Mini Dump Truck

T-KING Dump truck---a specialized manufacturer of dump trucks in China.

We can supply mini dump trucks with a carrying load of 2 to 5 tons, and can also supply medium and heavy-duty dump trucks with a carrying load of 8 to 15 tons to meet different consumers' demands. Our mini dump trucks have single cabins and adopt ouling brand, and are comfortable and safe to drive and ride. The wheel base of our mini dump trucks ranges from 2600mm to 3200mm. Both their chassis and motor are of high-end brands. The mini dump trucks of T-KING are your good choice.

The performance advantages of the mini dump trucks of T-KING

1. 2-ton, 3-ton and 5-ton mini dump trucks of T-KING enjoy such advantages as economy, convenience, utility, lightness and handiness.

2. Economy: very competitive prices; low oil consumption.

3. Convenience: suitable for medium and long-distance transportation; an easy and flexible operation system.
4. Utility: high-end quality; famous-brand and high-quality power; high-performance optimized chassis.
5. Easy and flexible operation: a moderate carrying load; free loading and unloading.

In addition, for a longer service life and a better user experience, our mini dump trucks use a series of high-end accessories. Please contact us to obtain more mini dump trucks of different types and configurations.

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