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T-KING Light Truck (Diesel Engine) is export-oriented. There is a strict rule and control over its raw-material purchase, production and quality inspection. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all employees, our light-truck series has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions worldwide. We have signed agency agreements with our customers in USA, Canada and Europe....

T-KING Gasoline Light Truck Series (engine model 480-4100) has single, double and king gasoline and diesel models and satisfactory prices. All truck models are new. Our gasoline-powered light trucks can be converted into double fuel trucks (CNG) or even van-type trucks at the customers' discretion. ...

As a pioneer in the Chinese native auto industry, T-KING has meticulously created a series of electric cars, with a novel design and a fashionable shape. Marked by comfortable driving and riding, safety, energy efficiency and outstanding performance, this series has made breakthroughs in a lot of core technology. It has been fully applauded by government authorities and well-known experts.

T-KING Electric Car has successively passed the relevant tests of General Administration of Quality Supervision and Tianjin/Changchun Automobile Test Center, with its vehicle performance ranking at the top of the list in the same industry...

T-KING Dump truck---a specialized manufacturer of dump trucks in China.

We can supply mini dump trucks with a carrying load of 2 to 5 tons, and can also supply medium and heavy-duty dump trucks with a carrying load of 8 to 15 tons to meet different consumers' demands. Our mini dump trucks have single cabins and adopt ouling brand, and are comfortable and safe to drive and ride. The wheel base of our mini dump trucks ranges from 2600mm to 3200mm. Both their chassis and motor are of high-end brands. The mini dump trucks of T-KING are your good choice.

As a medium dump truck manufacturer, Shandong Tangjun Ouling Automobile Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 1956. It is an automobile manufacturer designated by the government. We have more than 20 domestically-advanced automobile production lines including stamping, welding, coating, final assembly and testing. We have an annual production capacity of 100 thousand vehicles.

Our leading varieties include light truck (diesel engine), light truck (gasoline engine), electric car, dump truck (tipper) series, mini dump truck with a loading/unloading capacity of 2 to 5 tons, and medium dump truck with a loading/unloading capacity of 8 to 30 tons, all of which are our major products.